Notes left on cars in Florida warn people to leave if ‘woke’

PALM BEACH, Fla. — New Yorkers visiting Palm Beach weren’t given a warm welcome – instead some cars were plastered with fliers telling “woke” people to go home.

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Palm Beach Police say the fliers were placed on cars with New York license plates over the weekend reading, “If you are one of those ‘woke’ people – leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere as will we,” The Associated Press reported.

“Woke” is commonly used as an insult. In a Fox News interview last year, Donald Trump said that “being woke means you are a loser,” the AP reported.

In a statement, The Palm Beach Police Department told Fox News, “The Department was notified on Sunday by concerned community members. We looked into this issue and ultimately decided it was a non-criminal matter.”

At this point, no suspects have been identified.