Town tour highlights Peabody's rich history

PEABODY, Mass. — From the rich history of leather working, to courting a new industry, Peabody is a city with stories to tell.

Roll into the "Tanner City" and you'll notice the history of leather working has left its brand on Peabody. Businesses still refer to the "Tanner City" and the Peabody Leatherworkers Museum educates visitors on the time Peabody was known as the leather capitol of the world.

The Peabody we now know wasn't always as familiar.

"The area we now call Peabody was once South Danvers.  And it was here where George Peabody was born.  As a matter of fact; right here in this very house.  George didn’t have the greatest childhood, but he went on to become a business man, a financier and eventually is credited with being the father of modern philanthropy."

That legacy lingers in the fabric of the community.

Peabody is home to Breaking Grounds, a cafe that offers paid training and education to people with disabilities, and was declared "2017's Best Coffee Shop."

It's not the only spot that's percolating.

At the Roadhouse Grill, Adam Sandler recently wrapped shooting scene for the Netflix film "Who Do You Think Will Win?" Roadhouse employee Rachel Lundgren says this spot was a hive of activity when crews rolled in.

"A ton of work trucks. They had people up in the rafters putting lights in.  Basically we had to shut down for a Thursday.  They shot Friday, Saturday. We were open Sunday and they shot Monday. So Sunday all the props and everything was up. So it was fun," said Lundgren.

This isn't the first time Hollywood has come calling to Peabody.

According to the Massachusetts Film Office, Patriots Day, Here Comes The Boom and Clear History all filmed scene in the city.

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