Thieves targeting air bags in Honda Accords – and not just in Massachusetts

MEDFORD, Mass. — Gladys Robbins can't believe it; her husband's Honda Accord broken into, the window smashed. And what was missing?

"And he looked in and somebody had swiped the air bag," she said.

That's right the air bag. The thieves struck last Thursday morning.

"Somebody wants Honda Accord air bags," she said. "They're selling them on the black market."

That kind of theft has been more common in recent weeks, Medford police tell Boston 25 News.

"We have seen a rash of car break-ins that target the theft of 'safety air bags,' which are part of the passenger restraint system. Those cars that have been targeted are Honda Accords," said Medford Police Lt. Paul Covino.

Police say thieves mostly hit cars overnight. They break a window, reach in and steal the air bag from the steering wheel -- and they're fast. Police in other cities say thieves can do it in less than a minute.

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The air bag thefts are happening all over the country and it's not a new problem. Robbins says a few years ago her husband's old Honda Accord was targeted.

It’s also a big expense.

The driver's side air bag goes for about $2,000. Insurance usually covers it, but only after a deductible is paid. For Robbins, that's $300 dollars, and with no guarantee it won't happen again, she's thinking hard about installing a security camera.

"Maybe if we get a security system will be a deterrent for them," she said.