• Suspicious 'open me' boxes turn out to be social experiment


    BOSTON - Mysterious boxes that caused a scare in Boston and Cambridge were all part of a social experiment.

    The small tin boxes, marked with a sticker reading "open me" popped up around the cities last weekend.

    The bomb squad was called in to investigate and Boston police urged anyone who found one to call 911. 

    Turns out, the boxes were harmless and were actually filled with either a 10 or 50 dollar bill.

    We're now learning a group called Snoopos was reportedly behind the boxes.

    They've been placing them around the world from the U.S. to Switzerland to New Zealand.

    A person claiming to be part of the group told Universal Hub they just wanted to see how people would spend the money left inside.

    Boston Police investigating pair of suspicious devices found 

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