2 seriously injured after small plane crash in Westwood

WESTWOOD, Mass. — Two people were pulled from the wreckage of a small plane crash in Westwood Saturday afternoon.

The Piper PA-24 aircraft was headed to Norwood Airport when it crashed in the woods near Peartree Drive.

Air Traffic Control audio reveals what happened before the plane went down:

(interrupting traffic controllers) Pilot: I'm losing power

Traffic Controller 1: Lost that traffic, where is he?

Traffic Controller 2: I'm not seeing him either.

Traffic Controller 1: Lost contact, now not answering

Police said the four person plane had two men on board, both suffering serious injuries.

The pilot, a 65-year-old man from Newton, was flown via medical helicopter to Boston Medical Center. The 77-year-old passenger from Norwood was taken to Norwood Hospital for treatment of serious injuries and was subsequently flown by medical helicopter to Boston Medical Center.

After the crash, firefighters emerged from the forested area with chainsaws and metal cutting tools.

Witnesses told FOX25 the plane appeared to be heading for the nearby Norwood Airport, and before it went down it was acting funny and flying low.

"I look up and I saw the plane over the top of the house and it just looked like it wasn't flying well, it was kind of wobbly and it looked like the propeller wasn't turning very well…and a few seconds later we heard the crash," said Ded Murphy.

The FAA is investigating the crash. Police said the plane is mostly intact.

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