• Retired police officer helps bust driver after burglary in Weymouth

    By: Christine McCarthy


    A retired Weymouth Police officer proved that you’re never really off the job after he helped to track down a driver involved in a burglary in his own neighborhood.

    Brian Leary, a former Weymouth Police lieutenant, spent 32 years on the job before retiring eight years ago, but showed that certain things still come like instinct, such as spotting something out of place, getting a description and busting a criminal.

    "We know everybody in this neighborhood," Leary said. "They didn't belong here."

    It didn't take much to raise Leary's suspicious, as a strange car rolled through his neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

    He quickly memorized the license place, using skills that have been a part of his family for a long time.

    "It's an automatic thing," Leary said. "My father was a police officer. It's been drilled into me since I was three years old, get the plate."

    First, it was a man driving by a home in the neighborhood, where Leary knew the family happened to be out. 

    Then, within minutes, Leary witnessed the aftermath of a break-in.

    "The car came back down the street with the woman driving it, and the guy came out of the house across the street," Leary said. "I just made note of what they looked like, got the descriptions and just keeping an eye on them."

    The car was being driven by Taunton native Danielle Delory, while the thief had forced his way into a home, snatching a laptop and other valuables.

    "The back door had been smashed open," Leary said. "The window had been smashed, and then they just unlocked it and went in."

    Leary called 911 with the information, and, three hours later, State Police stopped the car in Avon and arrested Delory.

    "It was awesome," Leary said. "It was great work by Weymouth PD and the trooper that stopped the car, too."

    Leary contacted a family member of the victims.

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    "They were upset that their house was broken into, but they were thrilled when we found out that somebody got caught for it," Leary said.

    Everyone in the neighborhood agreed that it is not one to be messed with.

    "Everybody watches out for each other," Leary said. "And this is just a case of that, only I was watching out yesterday."

    The male suspect wasn't in the car or immediately arrested. Meanwhile, Delory is facing a number of charges, including breaking and entering, malicious damage and possession of drugs. 

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