Police in Merrimack Valley investigating trio of gas station break-ins

Police in Merrimack Valley investigating trio of gas station break-ins

METHUEN, Mass. — Police are investigating a string of break-ins at three gas stations across the Merrimack Valley.

Methuen Police released surveillance video from inside the store to help catch the criminals. They believe the criminals responsible for a nearby break-in also robbed two other gas stations on the same night.

Surveillance cameras show two suspects using a crowbar to break into a Mobil gas station on Haverhill Street just before 3:30 a.m. Friday morning.

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One person attempted to pry open the register while the other grabbed rolls of lottery tickets.

One of the suspects eventually ripped out the cash drawer from the counter then took it outside, before quickly returning to pull out another cash drawer and leaving a huge mess behind. The second suspect pulled cartons of cigarettes from under the counter before both took off.

Police say it was just one stop on their spree of break-ins.

Lawrence Police are sharing images from the Gulf station on Winthrop Avenue in the city. They believe the same suspects pulled up in a blue Dodge Caravan and pried their way through the doors early Friday morning. The two allegedly stole cash drawers and lottery tickets.

Police say the two suspects are also responsible for a break-in at a Haverhill gas station on the same morning.

Officials from the three communities are searching for the two suspects.

In the meantime, the owner of the Methuen Mobil gas station said his shop is back up and running, adding that the criminals didn't get away with much.