• PD: Brockton teens stole cars from dealership


    Whitman police arrested two juveniles for allegedly stealing cars from a Brockton auto dealership. 

    Around 3:15 a.m. Monday, a Whitman police officer saw a white 2011 Dodge Charger and black 2011 BMW SE driving down Washington Street. Police say both vehicles, neither of which had license plates, looked damaged and had bright yellow dealership stickers on the windshield.

    The officer tried to stop the cars, but they both sped off in different directions.

    One officer followed the Charger into East Bridgewater, and eventually into West Bridgewater. Along the way, the driver struck a stop sign, multiple fences and a fire hydrant. After crashing, the 15-year-old behind the wheel ran into a backyard and was eventually stopped by police. Police say in the car, they also found several sets of keys belonging to other cars from the dealership.

    The crash happened in the field beside Christine Chisholm's home.

    "It was kind of weird because we were still half-asleep," she said. "It took us awhile to fall back asleep because there were three or four cops walking around in our backyard looking for the individual."

    Other officers were called to Temple Street for a report of a damaged parked truck. While investigating, police say a 16-year-old walking down the road flagged the officer down and asked for a ride back to Brockton because he was cold.

    “He said, ‘No, I don’t have any weapons.’ Well, they found a knife and three or four sets of keys with dealer tags on them. One of the keys belonged to the BMW that we recovered,” Whitman Police Chief Scott Benton said.

    The vehicles were stolen from Avon Auto Brokers in Brockton.

    Both teens were arraigned Monday in Brockton Juvenile Court. Because they are minors the names are not being released.


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