Panera Bread says it fixed website security flaw

BOSTON — Panera Bread said it has resolved a security flaw that exposed customer data, and it said far fewer people were exposed than initially reported.

The problem was reportedly discovered in August 2017.

A well-respected cyber security writer said the website’s vulnerability allowed easy access to customer names, email addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of saved credit cards numbers.

Meaning -- if you ever ordered pickup or delivery on Panera’s website, your information could have been compromised.

Initial reports claimed that 37 million customers were exposed.

But Monday night a Panera spokesperson told Fox News that the number was much smaller – around 10,000.

Panera Bread said its investigation is continuing, but there is no evidence that customer information was accessed or retrieved.

Another interesting note – Panera Bread’s information security director previously worked for Equifax, which suffered one of the worst data breaches on history.