Opening statements heard in Southie double murder trial

Opening statements heard in Southie double murder trial

BOSTON — The jury that will ultimately decide the fate of a man accused of murdering two doctors heard opening statements Thursday.

Prosecutors say Bampumim Teixeira ​​​stabbed Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos in the couple's penthouse at the Macallen Building in South Boston in May 2017.

Investigators say Teixeira worked at the building previously as a concierge.

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"He gained knowledge. Knowledge of the building, the layout of the building, access points," prosecutors said.

Bolanos' keys and two packages were found outside the condo. When police arrived in the hallway outside the condo, they found Teixeira and shot at him, thinking he had a gun.

The defense said police "didn't fire at him once. He fired at him seven times."

Teixeira was arraigned from his hospital bed after being hit in the leg. His attorney warned jurors on Thursday not to make assumptions, "I ask you as you listen to this case not to jump to any conclusions like the Boston Police did on May 5 when they shot Bampumim Teixeira."

Prosecutors say a bag was found with jewelry and other stolen items from the couple's home. They also found a bag of Teixeira's clothes that he was seen wearing on camera earlier that day.

The defense attorney says the state has no evidence that his client committed the murders.

Some details initially reported about the alleged crime were later condemned in a news conference by former Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley. He noted some details reported via 'anonymous sources' were "flatly, incontrovertibly wrong."

The 38-year-old Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

The 49-year-old Field was an anesthesiologist at North Shore Pain Management.