AG: Man who killed woman, 3 children in Allenstown also killed missing Manchester woman

The same man believed to have killed a woman and three children in Allenstown is also believed to have killed a Manchester woman who went missing in 1981.


The suspect, Bob Evans, was known by many different names over the years. Evans left New Hampshire in 1981 with his then-girlfriend, Denise Beaudin, and her infant daughter. No missing person report was ever filed, as Beaudin's family believed the couple left the area for financial reasons.

In late December, police filed an official missing person report for Beaudin. When officers searched Beaudin's Manchester home, no remains were found, though investigators say the dirt floor was "disturbed."

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Police believe Evans killed Denise somewhere in California and sometime thereafter abandoned Denise's daughter, Lisa, in a trailer park. Lisa has just shadowy memories of her life as a baby and recently decided to find more about her past through DNA evidence. That led to the discovery that Denise was her mother.

This discovery led police to investigate Evans further. Based on DNA evidence, police said that Evans is the father of the middle victim in the Allenstown murders, where an adult woman and three children were found dead in barrels. The victims of the Allenstown murders have not yet been identified. Investigators say the adult woman and other two children are not related to Evans. Based on his criminal profile, investigators believe Evans knew the victims.

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The identity of the mother of the middle child in Allenstown is unknown, but officials said it is possible Evans killed her too. Investigators believe Evans fits the definition of a serial killer and may be tied to seven victims. Evans has been tied to 11 states, including Texas, plus Quebec.


  • Evans married in California 2002 and pleaded guilty to killing his wife (see timeline below). The four Allenstown victims and Evans' wife all died of blunt force trauma. Evans' wife and the oldest child in the Allenstown murders were both dismembered.
  • The Allenstown victims were wrapped in material and electrical wire. Evans worked in Manchester mills as a mechanic and electrician. According to Mike Kokoski of New Hampshire State Police, the wire used on the Allenstown bodies came from Carol Cable, where Denise Beaudin worked.
  • Evans worked at Bear Brooks Store, which is located on the property where the Allenstown victims were found. Investigators believe that the barrels containing the bodies likely came from the mill where Evans worked.

In 1980, Evans was arrested and listed his spouse as Elizabeth Evans, though authorities do not know who that is.

Evans and Beaudin disappeared together in 1981, but no missing persons report was ever filed with authorities. The couple disappeared with their daughter, then known as "Dawn", but Evans later gave the daughter, now known as "Lisa", up for adoption.

In 1984 and 1985, Evans changed his name to Curtis Kimball. In 1985, Evans was arrested for drunk driving in California. He had a baby girl, Lisa Beaudin, with him at the time. Around June or July of that year, Evans abandoned his daughter at a trailer park. The girl was placed into foster care and later adopted.

In 1986, when California went to investigate Evans for abandoning his child, he was no longer in the Santa Cruz area. In October of 1986, felony arrest warrants were put out for one of Evans' aliases: Gordon Curtis Jenson.

In 1988, Evans was arrested in San Luis Obispo, California for vehicle theft. This time, his alias was Gerry Mockerman.

In March of 1989, Evans was arrested on warrants out of Santa Cruz. In October of 1990, Evans made parole and took off the next day. Evans was then a fugitive for 12 years.

In August of 2001, Evans married Eunsoon Jun in Richmond, California using the name William Vanner. It was a backyard marriage and no official paperwork was filed.

In September of 2002, Jun was found buried in her basement. In November of the same year, Evans was arrested for Jun's murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

On December 28, 2010, Evans died in prison.

DNA tests from August 2003 show that Beaudin's daughter is not biologically Evans'.

In December of 2016, police file a missing person report for Beaudin.


Police are still working to discover the identity of the Allenstown victims and are curious if a woman named Elizabeth Evans ever existed. They are also sure that Bob Evans was not his birth name, given the many aliases he used over the years.

Officials don't have any verified information of where Evans lived before New Hampshire in the late 1970s, meaning there could be many more victims in places around the country.

Anyone with information should contact New Hampshire's cold case unit.