• Local organization sharing 'poetry for a rainy day'

    By: Dalton Main


    BOSTON - In honor of National Poetry Month, an organization called Mass Poetry teamed up with the City of Boston to share a little poetry with everyone on a rainy day.

    The group has sprayed poems onto the sidewalks all over the city, but you can only see them when the sidewalk gets wet.

    The poems are meant to be an inspiration on a rainy day to share a little literature with everyone.

    The biodegradable, water-repellent spray was applied to stencils made by local artists. It vanishes when dry, making the poems invisible until it rains.

    The poems were selected by Boston’s Poet Laureate Danielle Georges – three are by Massachusetts poets.

    “With Raining Poetry, we are able to bring more poetry into the everyday lives of the unsuspecting,” the organization’s website says.

    You can find more information about the project here: http://www.masspoetry.org/rainingpoetry.

    ‘Raining Poetry’ includes poems by:

    • Langston Hughes - Dudley Square (by Dudley Square Cafe)
    • Gary Duehr - Upham's Corner (by The Strand)
    • Barbara Helfgott Hyett - Roslindale (by Adams Park)
    • Elizabeth McKim - Hyde Park (by the Library)

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