Man hit by SUV at Weymouth gas station remains in coma days after crash

Man hit by SUV at Weymouth gas station remains in coma days after crash

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — The man hit by a car while working at a Weymouth gas station is clinging to life three days after the accident – and his family is asking for prayers.

Majid Hamade has been in the ICU for three days, his wife and daughter say he's still unresponsive. But they’re praying he survives, at least until his son gets home from deployment in Africa.

"My heart is broken. I don't know what I’m going to do," said Juanita Hamade, the victim's wife. "I don't know. I just want to survive. I just want him to survive."

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Juanita Hamade works to hold back the pain as her husband of 25 years remains in a coma after he was hit by a car working at Mobil gas station in Weymouth.

"We hold his hand and we think he’s squeezing us or we see him jolt and we think he's moving but we’re not sure," she said.

The crash happened Monday night.

Majid Hamade has been injured on the job before; just a few months ago he was attacked by two robbers. However, his daughter knew this time was different.

"As soon as I saw the ER doctor, I knew," said Chahine Hamade. "And it's like, you don't know how to prepare for that."

Known as Mike to his friends, Majid Hamade is a Weymouth icon. Everyone who frequents the Mobil gas station knows who he is – many of them visiting him in the hospital these past few days.

"They all said no matter what kind of day they were having, they'd go in and he'd just make them laugh," Juanita Hamade said. "He was nice to everybody."

On Wednesday night, Majid Hamade took a turn for the worse, leaving his family to rely on prayer that his son, who's in the Army, makes it home in time to see his father.

"Right now the Red Cross is trying to bump him on any flight they can cause he was in Africa, so I just pray that here’s here in time, if there's time," Juanita Hamade said.

So far no charges have been filed. A GoFundMe has been set up with a goal of raising money for Hamade and his family.