Man arrested in Lowell after police chase across state lines

LOWELL, Mass. — Four New Hampshire police officers had to dive out of the way when they a wanted man made a run for it..

The chase began around 11 p.m. in Salem,Hampshire. Salem officers showed up at the La Quinta hotel after getting information he was staying there - Remy was wanted for a probation violation on a 2014 theft charge.

As police were heading up to his room, police said he came out the back door and was able to steal a truck because he knew exactly where the keys to it were.

Tuesday.  Police say Remy first rammed into two police cars before hitting speeds close to 100 miles per hour - even cutting off other drivers. Police say the 19-year-old, who has a prosthetic arm, drove through multiple towns in New Hampshire and then into Methuen, Dracut and tried running on foot in Lowell.

Lowell police apprehended him after a brief foot chase.

Remy facing several charges, including fugitive form justice and first degree assault with a deadly weapon. He waived extradition in court Friday, but first has a court date next month to deal with the fugitive of justice charges.