'I'm scared, frightened': Disabled man recounts assault outside MBTA station

'I'm scared, frightened': Disabled man recounts assault outside MBTA station

BOSTON — Transit police say they've arrested one person accused of kicking a disabled man in his 60s and stomping on his ankle outside of an MBTA station during a robbery Wednesday.

The alleged assault, which was captured on a surveillance camera, shows a group of people standing around a man named Alex, who appears to be laying on the ground outside the Ashmont T station.

"I’m scared, frightened," said Alex. "They manhandled me, they take advantage of crippled people, it's a shame."

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Transit police said in a news release that a group of men had a "verbal exchange" with Alex, who uses a cane to walk, and ripped the cane from his hand causing him to fall on the ground.

Alex said one of the attackers pointed a gun at him before the men stole what little he had in his pockets.

The video released by police does not show the verbal exchange but appears to show Alex already on the ground as he's kicked by a man who then stomps on his ankle.

The officer who found Alex on the floor says the first thing he asked was, "Can you just help me stand up? I have trouble standing."

Julius Tolbert, 47, of Hyde Park, was arrested and is accused of kicking and stomping the victim. It's unclear what the group is alleged to have stolen. He was ordered to stay away from and have no contact with the victim. He's due back in court next month.

Transit police say they are actively looking to identify the other people who were with Tolbert when the alleged assault happened.

Alex told Boston 25 News the attackers seemed to have gotten a thrill out of the beating. He says his entire body is sore from the beating, but says he declined to go to the hospital.

He says that, while he is worried for his safety, he’s not going to let this attack stop him from passing through the spot where he was attacked on his daily routine.