Man accused of filming boys in school bathroom to be released on 24/7 house arrest

Man accused of filming boys in Boston school bathroom released on 24/7 house arrest

BOSTON — The man accused of filming dozens of boys in the bathroom of Boston Latin School will soon be released from prison.

In March, a magistrate judge ordered Eric Than Thai into detention while he awaits trial for allegations of sexual exploitation of a child. Prosecutors say in 2017, Thai secretly recorded boys using the bathrooms at Boston Latin School, Thai's own alma mater.

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The judge deemed that although the "government asked for home detention with electronic monitoring" the "danger posed by Thai's release is substantial" after learning "GPS data is viewed daily by the probation office, but... but this review does not occur in real time."

On Tuesday, another federal judge reviewing Thai's bail conditions changed course, ruling that Thai could be released to home arrest 24/7, an order so strict, Thai can't even leave his home to meet with his attorney.

Thai's lawyer says Thai has already proven he can follow bail conditions, noting he's been facing criminal charges on the state level for a year and never once violated his bail order.

It's still unclear when exactly Thai will be released as the probation department now has to go search his home and remove any electronic devices.

He will be back in court in May and prosecutors warn more charges could still be coming as they work to identify more victims.