Logan Airport, Massport dealing with largest travel numbers in last 2 years

BOSTON — Logan Airport has seen some of its busiest days in the past two years.

Thanksgiving holiday travel is closing in on what it was like before the pandemic. Unlike last year, we saw full families on the go. Many telling us this year is about returning to the traditions that were sidelined during the pandemic.

But not everyone is there yet.

Travelers like Sam Solomon are thankful vaccines work. The Solomon family is heading from their home in Canton, Massachusetts to family in Canton, Ohio.

“Hopefully things are improving, and we are going to try to do all of the traditions we can,” said the father.

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Massport Director of Aviation Ed Freni said it has been ramping up for the larger crowds.

“People are anxious to fly, and we are ready for the onslaught,” Freni said. “It’s nowhere near where it was in 2019, but we will be ready for it. We have plenty of staff out there.”

TSA said they are on track to more than a million travelers per day for seven days in a row. Massport said Logan alone has seen close to 900,000 travelers in the past 10 days.

Tatum Whitehead was flying to visit family in Florida.

“Things are definitely feeling more normal,” Whitehead said. “The main thing I noticed was traffic was a lot worse on the way to the airport.”

TSA said their staffing has kept security lines to under a 15-minute wait, even with the higher volume of travel.