‘They were a happy, loving couple.’ Friends remember victims of Concord, N.H. double murder

What really happened to Stephen and Wendy Reid in the woods of Concord, New Hampshire?

That’s the question that has police back out at the crime scene, days after the couple’s bodies were found shot to death near a hiking trail.

And it’s a question that haunts those who knew them well.

“The news broke me down,” Darlington Vengehen said. “As I speak to you, I still feel that pain in my heart.”

Darlington Vengehn worked with Stephen Reid in the African nation of Liberia, where Stephen worked for USAID, protecting Liberia’s forests.

“Stephen wasn’t a boss to us, he was a mentor. And he was like a father to us,” Vengehen said. “Stephen impacted lives. He impacted a community.

Police say Stephen and Wendy Reid left their apartment sometime after 2 p.m. on Monday, April 18 to take a hike along the Marsh Loop Trail, near their home.

Police have spent hours processing the crime scene searching for evidence. At this point, investigators cannot say if the Reids were victims of random violence.

Boston 25 News Security Analyst and former Boston Police Chief Dan Linskey says it’s likely detectives are analyzing evidence from the crime scene, while at the same time, taking a hard look at the couple’s lives.

Linskey adds that cell phone towers can reveal to police if anyone else was in the area at the time of the murders.

And, Linskey says, the Reids’ computers and other devices will indicate who the Reids were communicating with in the weeks, days, even hours leading up to their murders.

“Based on the evidence we know now, every lead has to be run to the ground, and every theory has to be considered,” Linskey said.

In the meantime, those who knew the Reids are expressing their grief.

“They were a happy and loving couple, very responsible people,” Darlington Vengehn remembered. “I’m broken within. Everyone one the team in Liberia, we are heartbroken.”.

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