Second Apple Store survivor speaks out and new barriers go up outside the storefront

HALIFAX - Sharon Nasser arrived at the Hingham Apple Store just minutes before a black SUV plowed through the large glass windows on Monday Morning.

“It was 10:32 because I was late I had an Apple lesson for my new watch,” Sharon Nasser told Boston 25 News.

Sharon remembers the exact moment when the driver, Bradley Rein, came crashing into the store just as a worker was showing Sharon how to use her new Apple watch.

“He was just about to show me all my apps when there was like this huge explosion that just threw me off my chair and onto my arm,” she said.

Sharon was thrown onto her side and broke her wrist and hand and also felt the force of the SUV coming towards her.

“It was so loud my ears were ringing. I couldn’t hear anything but I did like I felt the explosion, the heat of it coming at me,” she said.

Sharon thought it was a smash-and-grab. Dazed and in shock she says an Apple employee helped her outside.

“We went along the wall and got out thru the broken glass. I was just standing there shivering and shaking and wondering what happened,” said Nasser.

While standing outside, injured and not understanding what just happened she tells Boston 25 that a complete stranger came to help her.

“The alarms were going off and some lady, a nice, good Samaritan came up and saw that I was injured and asked if I wanted a ride to the hospital,” she said.

Sharon says she was the first victim to arrive at South Shore Hospital she was put in a cast and sent home. She tells b25 she is especially grateful to be home this Thanksgiving.

“You better believe it. And I’m so happy to be alive because if he had gotten any closer I don’t know. I feel so sorry for those people that were in his line of injury,” she said.

Boston 25 cameras were the first to spy the new barriers installed in front of the store, six small table-like structures sitting between the parking lot and the Apple storefront.

The driver of that SUV is still being held on $100,000 cash bail. He pleaded not guilty saying his foot got stuck on the gas pedal.

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