Police investigating after man shoots his girlfriend, then turns gun on himself

WORCESTER, Mass. — Two families ripped apart, and hurting.

Friends tell Boston 25 a couple moved into a Worcester apartment a few months ago. Off-camera, friends say they never really noticed anything off with any of them. They are described as both hard-working parents, trying to do the right thing for their kids.

On Monday morning, just before 1 a.m., Worcester Police say a 25-year-old man shot his 27-year-old girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself.

Then on Monday evening, the man’s close friends showed up to the scene, on Huntington Street and identified him as Trey Mahone.

Mahone was declared dead at the scene.

Investigators say his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

“[We were] woken up by the sirens and the ambulance,” said Tom Casiello, a neighbor.

Neighbors tell Boston 25 the girlfriend moved in a few months ago and shortly after, Mahone started living with her.

Most recently, one neighbor noticed police sitting near the house for 45 minutes, then it clicked for him, were police watching Mahone?

“It was a very hot day, he was in shorts, he was walking here, and I saw the ankle monitoring bracelet. It struck me, maybe he was checking in on the guy with the bracelet,” said Charlie Torres, a neighbor.

Fitchburg District Court released these documents that show that, since October 2015, Mahone has faced 13 charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a pregnant woman.

The most recent charge of A&B dated back as early as January, and in May, a judge ordered Mahone to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet with home confinement. But neighbors say they would see Mahone play with his girlfriend’s daughter and he seemed like a nice guy.

“One day they were playing laser gun tag, and they were running all over the place having a good time. It didn’t look like there was anything abnormal at all. I never heard an argument, it’s very sad,” said Torres.

Friends say Mahone had five children that he cared for and would work a construction job to support his kids.

As for his girlfriend, friends said she is a registered nurse and has a 5-year-old daughter and that she is a very dedicated woman. Police will only say she is in critical condition.