Milton crime spree targets at least a dozen car windows

MILTON, Mass. — Side windows, front windshields, vandals didn’t discriminate.

Police say culprits drove all across town on the following streets: Clapp Street, Coolidge Road, Craig Street, Fairbanks Road, Magnolia Street, Otis Street, Robbins Street, and Waldeck Roadall of these streets around midnight Tuesday, into Wednesday morning, throwing rocks into the windows of at least twelve cars.

“The glass was shattered around the rear, the insurance company came and fixed it,” said one anonymous victim. “It was totally random it happened to our neighbor across, what a crappy thing for somebody to do. That windshield was shattered on that car and there were like three big boulders around the car and then our neighbor across the way, her car was also hit with three boulders. I wonder if anyone has any Ring surveillance.”

“Many people do but some of them do not reach far enough into the street to see anything,” said Rene Kennedy, who lives two doors down. “Sounds like some small boulders going through windshields, not a good thing to wake up to. I felt very fortunate my car did not get vandalized. You would hope they wouldn’t come back, but you never know, it’s under investigation, so we’re all kind of just waiting to see what happened. It’s been a lot of neighbors coming together to check security cameras, Ring doors and all of that stuff to see if they can find anything.”

Residents say not many people saw the culprits, and not many people heard them either.

“People are pretty upset, frustrated. They want answers. They want to know what happened, but there’s only so much you can do,” said Kennedy. “Luckily, no one got hurt. The kids just went back to school, parents are trying to get back to their regular schedules, waking up to see that it’s unpleasant and scary to know that somebody was on your property in the middle of the night.”

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