Man who police say tried to jump out window during standoff appeared in court

Boston - The man who tried to throw himself out a window Sunday night appeared in court. Boston police say they showed up at the high-rise apartment building near Boston Medical Center for a welfare check and they found a body inside.

Michael Perry was wearing a white Tyvek suit when he appeared in Boston Municipal Court days after – his clothes saved his life when police say he tried jumping out a 12th floor window during a standoff. “A piece of clothing caught on the handle so he was literally hanging 12 stories above the ground,” said Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum.

Suffolk County prosecutors say police showed up at the high-rise apartment right across from Boston Medical Center after family of a man living there asked police to do a welfare check. “When police got there they found a dead body of a male who lived there,” said Polumbaum.

Police say they also found Perry inside the apartment but he refused to come out.

“They called out to him asked if he had any weapons. His response was come and find out,” said Polumbaum. “He had a knife some other implement in his hands and moved aggressively towards the officers.”

After Perry jumped out the window and got hung up by his clothes – officers broke through the window on the floor below and pulled him back inside the building. Perry is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon on one of the officers. Investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of death of the man in the apartment and whether Perry was involved. “The last the family heard from him was that Mr. Perry was going to come over there on Friday which was two days before this happened,” Polumbaum.

Prosecutors say Perry has been in trouble before and currently has a warrant out of Superior Court involving this case. Perry could be seen mouthing something to people sitting in court. When those two people left the courtroom they would not answer questions or comment about the case.

The DA’s office says it is still awaiting autopsy results. Perry will be back in court on Friday, December 16, for a dangerousness hearing.

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