Going to Fenway Park this summer? Here’s the average cost for a family to take in a Red Sox game

If you’re planning on visiting Fenway Park this summer, be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

Taking the children to a baseball game has become a “bigger financial commitment than it used to be for middle-class families,” The Hustle detailed in a recent report.

The news outlet says it analyzed the cost of family activities in 1960 vs. 2022, highlighting how today’s American families have to work up to twice as many hours as they did 60 years ago in order to afford things like a baseball game.

The Hustle determined that the average cost for a family of four to take in a Red Sox game costs $324. Data compiled by FanCostIndex broke down the average cost for a ticket, beer, soda, hot dog, and parking at America’s most beloved ballpark:

  • Ticket: $61.71
  • Beer: $9.50
  • Soda: $5.50
  • Hot dog: $6.00
  • Parking: $23.53

The cheapest game in the Majors to attend is the Arizona Diamondbacks, with an average price of $126 per family.

In 1960, the average price for a single baseball ticket was $1.91. The price has since jumped to $35.93.

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