‘Hate-fueled’ writings of accused Winthrop gunman Nathan Allen released by District Attorney

Journals show Allen’s mindset less than 48 hours before shooting

WINTHROP, Mass. — Editor’s Note: The following story contains graphic content and language that audiences may find offensive.

As investigators continue to piece together a deadly double shooting in Winthrop last month, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office released some writings from the alleged shooter, Nathan Allen.

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Massachusetts State Police said Allen had frequently read extremist literature over the past several months and recovered many of Allen’s journals from his apartment.

According to investigators, in one notebook Allen wrote:

“White people are the worlds apex predators.”

“Whites in the USA are waking up. FACT.

“The white race is superior.”

In another notebook, investigators said Allen wrote:

“Men need to kill things.”

“Women do not understand men.”

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The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said another notebook, which was found next to Allen’s bed, had been called “The Allen Diaries.”

Investigators said the entry was dated June 24, 2021 at 10:35 p.m. -- less than 48 hours before Allen allegedly shot and killed retired Massachusetts State Police trooper David Green and Air Force veteran Ramona Cooper.

On the last page of “The Allen Diaries,” investigators said he ended it with:

“Jesus Christ I hate (expletive). I hope I can turn Audrey to the truth or her to me. But I (expletive) doubt it. When will it all pop off?”

Police said they are going through the notes because their top priority is figuring out at what point Allen became radicalized.

“We’re all shocked, you never suspect someone like this is residing amongst you in your communities, and then we are disappointed that we couldn’t stop this earlier,” said Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty. “We all want to help, so if you have someone you think is going down this path, reach out to us. We might be able to catch them before a crime is committed and help the family so no one has to live through this.”

“The whole situation is scary,” said Winthrop resident Michael Bearce. “These unfortunate people are out there among us and you never know when they are going to snap.”

“The health department will lead the process with the school and our diversity and inclusion and community relations commission to start educating and start having these meetings,” Delehanty said. “Trauma counseling is still ongoing.”

Investigators said Allen’s parents and wife have cooperated in the investigation but didn’t know about this, stating Allen acted alone. Police said Allen was the textbook definition of a lone wolf, moving to Winthrop from Wareham 18 months ago. He graduated high school more than a decade ago, but in his journal, he spoke about Black people he went to both high school and middle school with.

“Three separate families, and the entire Winthrop community have experienced significant trauma,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said in a statement. “The Cooper family, the Green family and the Allen family are now inextricably tied. Over the last eleven days the community has come together to mourn the tragic loss of Staff Sergeant Cooper and Trooper Green, honoring the heroes that they are. It is also important to acknowledge that the Allen family is mourning too. They are mourning the loss of the Nathan Allen they thought they knew. This man had fooled so many, outwardly appearing stable and upstanding while internally filled with extremist ideologies and hatred.”

There are resources available to victims of hate crimes and bias-motivated acts.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s Civil Rights Division can be reached at: 617-963-2917, or individuals can file a civil rights complaint by clicking here.

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