Go break things -- legally -- at Worcester's 'Smash the Room'

WORCESTER, Mass. — Finding a way to relieve stress can be a challenge these days, but now there’s a new option in Worcester called “Smash the Room.”

For a fee, a person can be equipped in safety gear and put in a windowless room where they can break all kinds of glass vases and china figurines.

This is the areas first and only smash room.  Visitor Kyra Lasorsa said, “It’s a really good way to take my anger out.”

Another visitor, Jacob Mhachrzak, said “Being able to do it without getting in trouble, it feels great.”

Jason Eastty is the owner of the Escape Room in Worcester which houses the smash room.  “We have a pretty high demand of people who want to come in and start breaking things.”

Eastty says there are just a handful of facilities like this around the world.  The smash room has been used by companies as a team building exercise, as well as by spurned lovers asking if they can tape a picture of their ex to something smashable.

“When they come out they’re all smiles,” said Eastty.  “Everyone’s very excited.  We get almost the same response every time:  this is so cool.”

Eastty says he scans garage sales for breakables to keep the rooms well-stocked.

After giving it a try, Mhachrzak said he is definitely coming back. “It was awesome.”

There are several packages customers can choose from, ranging from $20-$45.