• Family opens fake, wooden PS4 Christmas morning

    By: Erica Ricci


    The Lundy family was in shock Christmas morning when their son opened a PS4 box and found a fake console inside. 

    "He got a PS4 and he says 'this is the best present ever this is the best Christmas ever,'" said Brian Lundy.

    But the joy was quickly ripped away when he opened the box and inside was a wooden model of a PS4.  The fake PS4 perfect fit in the packaging that wasn't tampered with. On the underside of the fake were scribbles and a profane message. 

    Nine-year-old Scott Lundy was devastated. 

    "He's crying and he's upset and he's in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed," said Kristin Lundy, his step-mother. 

    The Lundy's went to the Saugus Target to try and make things right. It's the store they say Santa's elves got the console since they can't make electronics in the North Pole. After talking with the manger inside, the Lundy's returned the fake console. 
    "They not only gave us a new game system but they also gave us a $100 gift card as well as an additional game that the original game that was supposed to be in the box. Couldn't have been any kinder," said Kristin.
    "We never like to disappoint our guests and are thankful for our store team's quick response to make things right," said Lee Henderson with Target Communication. 
    As for what occurred, Target told the Lundy's that it happens occasionally. 
    As far as Scott's concerned, a rogue elf is to blame. But this family won't let him get away with it; they plan to write a letter to Santa about the naughty elf. 

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