Family desperate to find Worcester man missing for more than 2 weeks

Family desperate to find Worcester man missing for more than 2 weeks

WORCESTER, Mass. — A family is searching for a Worcester man who hasn't been seen in weeks.

Gary Metcalf was considered a "good, dependable worker" - but for more than two weeks, he has not reported to his job and appears to have vanished from the area.

Liz McConnell is Metcalf's sister. She and her husband Stephen last saw Gary at the end of January.

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"We drove him back home. And we weren't going to see him for the next couple of days because we had things to do," said McConnell.

Nearly two weeks later, after not hearing from Gary, the McConnells went to his apartment on Elm Street in Worcester.

"So we get to his apartment and knock on the door and someone strange comes to the door and says Gary doesn't live here anymore," said McConnell.

They checked his place of work.

"He had a paycheck waiting there for him. But his boss doesn't know where he is," said McConnell.

Because Gary Metcalf is a creature of habit, the McConnells have targeted their search to his favorite haunts; the Pickle Barrel Deli, for example, but so far - nothing.

In December, Gary Metcalf's car developed mechanical trouble - that he could no longer rely on it for transportation. It was at that point that he began walking from his house on Elm Street to his midnight shift as a security guard.

Worcester police tell Boston 25 News "there is nothing at this point that would indicate any foul play in relation to Mr. Metcalf's disappearance. What makes this case usual is that he - to the best of the detective's knowledge - has no history of mental illness, no pre-existing medical condition and no substance abuse problems."

Metcalf's family is anxious to hear from him.

If you have any information, you're asked to call police.