Evacuation slide from airplane falls in Milton front yard

Evacuation slide from airplane falls in Milton front yard

MILTON, Mass. — A close call for a Milton man on Sunday as an evacuation slide fell off a plane mid-flight and landed right in his front yard.

The FAA confirms the slide fell off a plane headed to Logan from Paris. The pilot reported hearing a loud noise, as did neighbors in Milton.

One woman told Boston 25 News that she was talking to her neighbor outside on Adams Street when the slide fell through a tree and to the ground.

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"All of a sudden we heard a big whoop, wham, and we both turned around and looked and saw what looked like a tarp on the ground," said Stephanie Leguia of Milton.

Neighbors say they called police, who showed up with a representative from delta to take the slide away.

No one was hurt and the FAA announced in a statement to Boston 25 News that they are investigating.

The pilot of Delta Air Lines Flight 405, a Boeing 767, reported a loud noise as the aircraft was on approach to Boston Logan International Airport shortly before noon today. Workers inspected the aircraft after landing and discovered that the right rear evacuation slide was missing.
The Milton Police Department in Massachusetts notified the FAA that they found the slide in the backyard of a residence. No injuries or ground damage were reported to the FAA, which is investigating.
The flight arrived from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Delta also released a short statement to Boston 25 News saying that they too are investigating the incident.

Delta is investigating an inflatable over-wing slide that was retrieved following an aircraft's landing into Boston's Logan Airport. The flight landed without incident and taxied to the gate under its own power.