Embattled actor Kevin Spacey posts dramatic video channeling Frank Underwood

BOSTON — If you thought you’d seen the last of Kevin Spacey, you’re wrong.

The embattled actor is back at it again this year with another video wrapping up the year, but this time the video carries very eerie Frank Underwood-esque undertones.

While he’s not very present on social media, Spacey, who had a very tumultuous year, titled his video as KTWK - which stands for Kill Them With Kindness, what seems to be the theme of the minute-long clip.

“You didn’t think I would miss the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, did you?” Spacey starts off by saying as he sits in front of a fireplace poking at the flaming log while donning a holiday-themed sweater.

“It’s been a pretty good year,” Spacey says. He goes on to say he’s made a couple of changes in his life, alluding to an even better 2020. “As we walk into 2020, I want to cast my vote for more good in this world,” he continues.

Throughout the video, however, the former “House of Cards” star recognizes the weird nature of the video, slightly breaking the fourth wall and pointing out that viewers might be asking if he’s really serious. “I’m dead serious,” Spacey says as he stares back into the camera.

Both this year and last year’s videos raked in millions of views, but outside of them the actor hasn’t said much in the public eye while fighting sexual allegations against him in court.

Earlier this year, prosecutors dropped an indecent assault and battery charge after the alleged accuser chose not to testify in connection to a 2016 incident at a Nantucket bar.

In October, prosecutors dropped another case against Spacey after the accuser died.

“The next time someone does something you don’t like, you can go on the attack or you can hold your fire and do something they don’t like - you can kill them with kindness,” Spacey continues, delivering the last line of the video.

Boston 25 News has reached out to Spacey for a comment but has not heard back.

Watch the full video below.