Court docs: Man stood over Weymouth officer and shot him ten times

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — A man who was sought for driving erratically stood over a Weymouth police officer and shot him 10 times in the head and chest, according to witness statements recorded in court documents.

Emanuel Lopes is accused of shooting and killing two people Sunday after he was allegedly observed driving a BMW erratically and crashing into another car.

Witnesses told police Lopes was speeding and swerving between lanes before he apparently crashed into a stationary vehicle. A witness in that vehicle told police Lopes got out of the car, mumbled “I’m sorry,” and ran off on foot.

According to police, Officer Michael Chesna responded to reports of Lopes’ driving. Court documents indicate Officer Chesna found Lopes as he was throwing a rock through a window in the Burton Terrace neighborhood.

When Chesna approached Lopes, court documents say Lopes picked up a large rock and charged at the officer. Police say when Lopes hit Officer Chesna with the rock, Chesna fell to the ground and dropped his gun.

According to court documents, Lopes picked up the gun and shot Chesna ten times as he stood over him. Witnesses told police Lopes stood over Chesna and shot him five times in the head and five times in the chest.

Police say Lopes then moved through the neighborhood, pausing in one backyard to shoot through a large picture window on the back of home. According to police, one of those shots hit a 77-year-old woman named Vera Adams in the chest, killing her.

Lopes was eventually arrested and police say there were no bullets left in the gun.

According to the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office, Lopes was slated to be arraigned Monday afternoon from his hospital bed, but was not medically able to be arraigned.

The arraignment was expected to take place Tuesday.