BPL shuts down Upham's branch due to bed bugs

BOSTON — Boston Public Library has shut down the Upham’s Corner branch due to an apparent beg bug issue.

Library officials are assuring customers they are not at risk from the bed bugs, even if they have borrowed books in their homes, but for people who use this branch frequently, the news is worrisome.

A spokeswoman for the library tells Boston 25 the Upham's Corner branch will be closed for several days for extensive cleaning and environmental treatment because of a bed bug nymph was found.

A sign on the door Thursday called the situation an emergency and officials say the branch will be closed until next week.

But BPL officials say the bed bugs were detected early and visitors should not be alarmed.

Still, those who showed up were surprised by the closure and say the implications are concerning.

“That's kind of worrisome,” Christian Samuels told Boston 25 News outside the library. “Did it ever get on anybody? Did the kids get bed bugs on them?”

Boston 25 News got a tip last week about the bed bug problem, and was told by the library "There is no evidence of an infestation of any kind...and thus no plans to close or fumigate."

Officials have since released a statement acknowledging the problem.

The library sent the following response: “BPL had been looking into any potential environmental or health concerns prior to last Friday and were informed yesterday of a bed bug nymph present at the branch, found on Tuesday, and upon recommendation, closed the branch in swift response to treat the early stages of activity.”