Boston barber back to work months after scary accident at barbershop

BOSTON — Steve Silva is happy to be back at work cutting hair at the Boston Barber Company on Beacon Hill.

“It’s been great, I’m seeing all my clients and everyone I work with. I miss them a lot,” Silva said.

He does admit he was a bit nervous coming back to where he nearly lost his life. You may remember surveillance video from February that showed Silva slip and fall on top of his own scissors and stab himself in the chest.

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“It was kind of wild. It just happened so quick,” Silva said.

Silva said he was using a water spray bottle when the floor got wet. In the video you can see him walk behind the barber chair when suddenly he slips and falls right onto his very sharp scissors.

“I had them like this, and when I fell, they went like that, so I instantly pushed myself off the ground and when I did, they came out,” Silva said.

His co-worker and customer jumped in using towels to stop the bleeding.

“I didn’t know what happened at first until I looked down at my shirt and seen I stabbed myself,” Silva said.

When he looked at his scissors, he realized how far they’d gone into his chest.

“Yeah. Maybe more. I just remember seeing the blood stain to there,” he said, pointing to a spot on his chest.

Paramedics showed up minutes later, stabilizing Silva and rushing him to Mass General Hospital just three minutes away. Once there, an ultra-sound confirmed doctors’ worst fears.

“I hit my aorta and then I hit the sack that your hearts in. So, the blood was going on to my heart,” he said.

He was rushed to the operating room undergoing a three-hour surgery.

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“I woke up at 2 a.m. in the morning. They were taking the ventilator out,” Silva said.

A week later he was home recuperating. And now he’s back cutting hair among the people and at a place he loves.

“I’m extremely lucky, obviously, and everyone was here. Because if this had happened at my house or somewhere not as close to the hospital, it could have been a lot worse,” Silva said.

He is still working part time for now but is expecting to be back full-time soon.