After 2 years, family finally knows what happened to Avon man

A discovery in the woods has given an Avon family the closure they always feared they'd never get.

"I believe it's somewhat of a relief to the family now having been able to identify their son who has been missing for two years," said Michael Morrissey, Norfolk County District Attorney.

Over the weekend, a hunter found remains in the woods in Upton. Officials have confirmed them as belonging to James Robertson.

Investigators said James Robertson was lured from his home New Year's Day, 2014.  Two men, dressed as constables, claimed they were there for a drug test.

Earlier this month, Ginny and David Robertson said it's a daily heartache. The family, alongside investigators, were out reminding hunters of their son's case, hoping one of them would turn up some clue.

Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early said when the remains were discovered, his team then examined all missing person's cases. The state medical examiner ultimately used dental records to identify the 37-year-old man.

"He had a happy walk, he had a beautiful smile, he loved his kids," said Ginny Robertson.

Four men have been charged in Robertson's kidnapping, including former Dedham Police Officer Michael Schoener. He's  accused of providing department-issued equipment to alleged mastermind James Feeney, the ex-boyfriend of Robertson's girlfriend.

"The family always thought the worst may have happened to their son," said Morrissey.

On Wednesday, investigators wouldn't speculate as to what might happen to this case  now that James Robertson has been found.

Robertson's family  told FOX5 said they were not ready to talk about the case yet.