20 bags of marijuana sent to Boston radio station

BOSTON — A mysterious package is raising a lot of questions at a Boston radio station.

Employees at HOT 96.9 Boston found a huge box addressed to the station and when they opened it, they found it was full of marijuana.

The package had been sitting in the building for weeks before it was finally opened. The package was sent to the station in general and had no return address.

"There's a lot of theories about what it's doing here. One is that it was a mistake. The other is that whoever was sending it would just drop it off outside and the person was picking it up was just gonna drive by and grab it, but we picked it up instead," said show host Ramiro Torres.

It's not clear who decided to finally open it or why, but they called police right after opening it.

Boston Police posted about Wednesday afternoon and said they recovered 20 bags of the substance believed to be marijuana.

The package and its contents were sent to the state lab for analysis.