• 2 men wanted for armed home invasion in Rockland

    By: Mike Saccone , Christine McCarthy


    ROCKLAND, Mass. - Rockland Police are searching for two men wanted in connection to an armed home invasion. 

    Police said two African American men showed up at a home in the area of West Water and Central Streets around 10 a.m. Wednesday pretending to be employees of a heating company. 

    When the resident opened the door, police said the suspects forced their way inside and showed handguns. 

    "It was a split second and there was this guy on top of me and had me in a chokehold," a resident named Earl, who opened the door, said. "The guy was standing there with a gun asking for money, 'Where’s the money, where’s the money?' I have no money, I’m on social security."

    One of the men then demanded and snatched money and jewelry from Earl's brother, Marc, before taking off in a small, black SUV toward Abington.

    "Took his gun and went just like this and stuck it right in my head," Marc said. "Moved my head backwards with it."

    Marc's wife Kim then said they turned to her.

    "He stood at the edge of the bed with the gun and he made me take my jewelry, my rings off, he took everything, like my mother’s ring," Kim said.

    Before taking off, the robbers gave strict instructions to lie down and count to 100.

    "He said, 'If I hear a footstep, one footstep, I will come back, I will pistol whip all of you, and I will kill you,'" Earl said.

    The residents weren't able to get a license plate number. 

    Earl's body is sore, and all three residents are shaken. Now, as police investigate, the victims are pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

    "Things are right or wrong, and what happened to us is wrong," Earl said. "I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, although I didn’t think I had any."

    Detectives have released a sketch of one of the suspects, and all three residents told Boston 25 News they had never seen the men in their lives.

    Anyone with information is urged to call Rockland Police at 781-871-3890.

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