'Significant structural concerns' force evacuation of North End building

BOSTON — Structural concerns have forced people out of an historic North End building.

Boston Inspectional Services says an engineering firm alerted them of "significant structural concerns" of 464 Hanover Street in the North End.

Residents were forced to evacuate and the several businesses that the building also houses will remain closed until further notice.

"I was stunned and feel bad for the people who got displaced," Boston native Tom Bielenda said.

The building houses 24 condominiums, all now uninhabitable, with an engineering firm's structural report to the city stating that it is "in poor condition and is not safe for occupancy."

"The potential for a catastrophic failure of the building due to the failure of the deteriorated condition of steel beams does exist," the report said.

Neighbor Erin Flanagan was left shocked after the news, and said she's also worried about the building's condition, even from across the street.

“I think it’s pretty wild, especially living right across the street," Flanagan said. "I’d be absolutely terrified just to walk over and not be able to go into my own house that I’ve been in that could just fall down.”

Engineers will be on-site for the rest of the week to stabilize the building and make repairs as needed.

"That’s gonna be quite a difficult fix," Bielenda said. "It’s not gonna be overnight.”

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