Massachusetts readying for fall nor’easter

Public Works officials have been busy preparing for a fall nor’easter.

The forecasted heavy rain and high wind could cause problems with so many leaves and Halloween decorations. The forecast is for very high wind, so if you have inflatable decorations or things hanging off your house, you may want to take action before things like your inflatable ghost disappear.

Tom Bagley is the public information officer at Boston Water & Sewer Commission. He said they are watching for the rate of the rainfall.

“It all depends in the intensity. If you get 2-3 inches in a 3-, 4- or 5-hour period the system is not designed to handle that,” Bagley said.

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Crews were clearing out catch basins to help get rid of all the leaves caked in grates and along the side of roads.

“We’re concerned about catch basins in low-lying areas, East Boston, Dorchester, Roxbury,” Bagley said.

Cambridge and Worcester Public Works also said they are urging people to take steps now before the fall nor’easter closes in this week.

“If you see a lot of leaves up there, please, we just ask you please just sweep it off. They are going to be wet so just move them out of the way and let that water drain,” Bagley said.

Jason Sherburne lives in the lower mills area of Dorchester.

“We actually have a drain right down there by the fire hydrant. I’m always checking it with my neighbors to make sure it is okay, to clean it out,” Sherburne said.

He said they are going to batten down their Halloween decorations.

“We’ll probably bring the skeletons in. I have a feeling; they are light. We have them tied down a little bit, I have a feeling they are going to blow away,” Sherburne said.

But have no fear, the decorations will go back up.

“Oh definitely, the kids in the neighborhood love it. My kids love it, so they are coming back up,” Sherburne said.


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