Super Bowl

Boston vs. Philadelphia: Battle of the cities

The New England Patriots will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl and the two cities are really getting into the rivalry.

A donut shop in Philly is cutting out any New England-themed menu items until after the big game, including its Boston Creme Pie donut.

Locally, the Esplanade is banning all things Philadelphia - including cream cheese, cheesesteak sandwiches, Sylvester Stallone and bald eagles!

Philly newspapers are calling its Eagles "America's Team" which has us wondering.... how could the City of Brotherly Love be America's Team, when the pilgrims landed here in Boston!?

The birth place of the revolution started here, and our team is called the Patriots! Doesn't get any more American than that. The Patriots, the original ones, are still here, too. At the Granary Burying Ground on the Freedom Trail, you can find Paul Revere, John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

Eagles fans are probably a little sore from their loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl 39 - 13 years ago.

Now, we just have to wait two weeks for the big game.