In Winthrop investigation, police find backpack linked to suspected shooter

WINTHROP, Mass. — As investigators continue to examine the background of Winthrop shooter Nathan Allen, a source confirms that Massachusetts State Police recently discovered a backpack belonging to Allen. The backpack was located near Allen’s condo, which overlooks the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation.

Inside the backpack, authorities found more weapons, ammunition and a pill bottle with Nathan Allen’s name on it.

DA Rachael Rollins said earlier this week that Nathan Allen acted alone Saturday when he stole a truck from a plumbing company in Revere and crashed it into a building in Winthrop less than a mile from his home.

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Rollins said, after the crash, Allen left the area but quickly returned after a crowd formed. Authorities said Nathan Allen ignored the white people in the crowd, but he shot and killed Ramona Cooper, a veteran of the US Airforce. David Green, a retired Mass State Police Trooper, tried to intervene, he was also shot and killed.

Both Cooper and Green were Black, Allen was white.

DA Rollins said one of Allen’s notebooks contained hateful remarks aimed at Black and Jewish people. The contents of the notebook, said to be in Allen’s handwriting, have not yet been released.

Nathan Allen was killed in confrontation with police.