Westport looks to fine beach-goers for stealing sea shells & rocks

FILE PHOTO: Police said a woman in New Jersey was impaled by a beach umbrella in her ankle. (mensatic/Morguefile license:

WESTPORT, Mass. — The Town of Westport’s Board of Selectmen is considering issuing fines to people who steal rocks, beach grass of other items from town beaches, Town Administrator Timothy King confirmed to Boston 25 News.

At Monday’s selectmen meeting, Beach Committee members Tim St. Michel and Sean Leach pitched the idea of a bylaw that would fine offenders $250.

The bylaw would not apply to young children who take home a sea shell or a rock or two.

Leach said when he visits East Beach, he sees landscapers and others loading up barrels with beach rocks.

Selectman Brian Valcourt questioned if the $250 fine is enough and suggested the Beach Committee look into a progressive fee schedule for multiple offenses.

Selectmen approved placing an article on the Town Meeting in May.