Video of Mel B being groped on live TV in 2014 resurfaces online

A video of Mel B being groped on live television has resurfaced, sparking outrage across social media.

E! News reported that the video, posted on YouTube in December 2014, is from "The Xtra Factor," companion show to the British reality TV show "The X Factor." It reappeared online over the weekend. It features Mel B and fellow judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh sitting on a couch being interviewed by Sarah-Jane Crawford.

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As they chat, Walsh begins patting Mel B on her behind. At one point, he grabs her enough to get her attention. The musician stops the conversation immediately and says, "Hold on a second. Why are you grabbing my butt?" as she moves away from him.

Walsh replies, “I’m looking out for Mel.”

Crawford appears to try to jokingly respond to the situation, saying, “Louis! Hands where we can see them please!”

“Honestly, you’re safe,” Cowell jokes.

Mel B, who still appears uncomfortable, scoots away from Walsh and says, “Inappropriate.”

Walsh continues to laugh and Mel B smirks, looking to someone off camera.

A Twitter user uploaded the recording Sunday with the caption "sexual harassment on live TV folks." It garnered nearly 150,000 retweets and more than 265,000 likes.

Others tweeted their opinions of the video, referring to Walsh’s behavior as inappropriate.

Others thought Mel B overreacted. Some said that Walsh is gay -- something Walsh has not addressed publicly -- and believed Mel embarrassed him.

A few said the incident was just one of the many examples why the #MeToo movement is needed.

Walsh and Mel B have not commented on the video.