North Attleborough High soccer coaches resign after district investigation

NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. — The North Attleborough High School girls' soccer coaches have resigned after an incident at practice.

Superintendent Suzan Cullen said in a statement that at a practice on Oct. 2, there was a drill that caused "confusion and concern for some players."

The district investigated after learning of the drill and concluded it "did not reflect the core values of the district."

Dan Labonte has a daughter on the team, and told FOX25 coaches had the girls do a drill similar to what was done in the movie "Facing the Giants." The drill involved blindfolding the girls, having them bear crawl, and speaking words of encouragement to motivate them. Unlike the movie scene, players did not have to carry their teammates on their backs.

“Unfortunately he used a drill that didn't translate very well to a woman's soccer program, but I know he was remorseful when he realized it was going as well as he expected,” Labonte said.

Head coach Glenn Pasquel resigned, along with his assistant and the J.V. coach in a show of solidarity.

“Unfortunately, my good intentions of using a motivational exercise that I saw have been misinterpreted by some. I am humbled by the outpouring of support I have received from parents, players, and the school administration over the last few days,” Pasquel told FOX25 in an email.

One high school student told FOX25 the drill made some of the girls uncomfortable.

"They saw it as an attack, something emotional to go through, and I think it was just taken the wrong and the coach was a little confused when they were all crying," high school senior Erik Clements said.