Local police chief, a two-time cancer survivor, launching awareness campaign

SHERBORN, Mass. — In Sherborn, Police Chief Richard Thompson showed Boston 25 News a new decal that will soon be appearing on all of the town's police cruisers.

The chief designed the cancer awareness decal around the police department's patch and it carries a message that should resonate with any police officer.

It reads: Let's handcuff cancer and put it away for life.

For Thompson, this cancer awareness campaign is personal. He was first diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 35 years old and it was not his last battle with cancer.

"They found a softball-sized mass," he said. "At that point, I had to have my entire colon removed. I did go through six or eight months of chemotherapy."

Chief Thompson has become well-acquainted with the high quality of cancer care in Massachusetts and he knows police officers are tough, but they don't always think about their own health.

Thompson is hoping his new decal, which contains the colors of every form of cancer, will help police officers and the public get checked often. And if cancer is detected, it's not the end.

"I know. Here I am. There is hope. There is treatment available," said Thompson.

These days, you'll find Thompson at the Sherborn Police Department on the job. Two bouts with cancer are not slowing him down.

"As long as I'm keeping up with my physical health, as long as I'm going to my meeting every six months with my oncology group, I feel confident I'll be cancer free for a long time," he said.

It's a lifesaving message he hopes will soon be shared on all of his town cruisers - and maybe every cruiser in the state.