'I hate you so much': DA paints picture of failing marriage in murder arraignment

BOSTON — Accused killer Andrew MacCormack broke into tears as prosecutors told the judge how he bludgeoned, stabbed, slashed and suffocated his wife, Vanessa, on Saturday in their Revere home.

Vanessa’s body was found in the bedroom of the home Saturday afternoon. According to court documents, she had blunt force trauma to the face, she was missing teeth, she had stab wounds in her neck and she had a trash bag near her head.

Those court documents outline the stories Andrew told investigators as they questioned him that evening.

He told police he took the couple’s 1-year-old daughter out for a walk on the beach that morning so Vanessa could go workout. When he left the house, he said, she was standing in the kitchen wearing workout clothes and drinking coffee.

But, according to investigators, that’s not what he told Vanessa’s mother earlier in the day. The court documents show he told her Vanessa wasn’t home when he left.

After walking on the beach, Andrew said he went to an ATM to get $100 in cash. Surveillance video confirms that, but court document state he lied about the time of the stop.

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Andrew also told investigators he stopped at a friend’s house with the baby to perform some side work, but police allege he used that $100 to buy cocaine from a drug dealer.

Police say they spoke to a known drug dealer who says MacCormack has a “$400-$500 a week drug habit of using cocaine.”

"He went to East Boston, left the baby in the car briefly when he went to get 100 dollars out of an ATM and then he met a dealer and bought hundred dollars’ worth of cocaine from him," Assistant District Attorney Ian Polambaum said in court Wednesday.

According to prosecutors, it’s Andrew’s expensive drug habit that led to the couple’s ongoing issues and the fight that led him to murder his wife.

The court documents obtained by Boston 25 trace text messages between the two, which paint a picture of a marriage falling apart.

“I hate you so much, you’ve ruined [daughter’s] life because she won’t have her parents together,” Vanessa allegedly said in a text to Andrew Aug. 31. “I’ll talk to [agent] tomorrow about listing the house and I’ll look into divorce lawyers.”

“Ur crazy I’m not signing anything to sell the house or get divorced,” Andrew replied.

Another conversation on Sept. 3 involves Vanessa alleging Andrew took cash and a Discover card from her.

In his interview the day of Vanessa’s murder, Andrew told police his bank account had been hacked earlier in the month and stripped of thousands of dollars by someone located in Thailand.

Police say Andrew has a history of domestic violence and detail an incident in 2011, in which he dragged a prior girlfriend down two flights of stairs by her hair. He was arrested by Boston police for that and the victim secured a restraining order.

According to court documents, MacCormack showed up at his friend’s house at 1:30 p.m. Saturday to perform some plastering work. That person told police MacCormack spoke on the phone with Vanessa’s mother and asked if she had heard from her daughter that day.

“The conversation sounded as if both parties were concerned about Vanessa,” the document states.

“Despite the concern for Vanessa’s welfare, and the fact he had an infant in the car who needed to be changed, Andrew MacCormack did not return home until 3:30 p.m.”

But it’s a combination of key evidence the District Attorney’s Office Points to when it alleges Andrew murdered Vanessa.

Firstly, iPhone mapping software shows Andrew had Vanessa’s phone when her family – and even he – were trying to check on her well-being, the court documents state.

The last text message reply sent from her phone was at 11:38 a.m., presumably meaning she was killed after that.

“Our belief is that the baby was in the house at the time of the murder," Polanbaum said.

Secondly, the DA’s office points to the lack of signs of forced entry and the extensive evidence of attempts to clean the couple’s home after the crime.

According to the medical examiner’s report, Vanessa’s body had chemical burns from bleach apparently used in an attempt to eradicate evidence on and around her body.

Officers on the scene the day of her murder wrote in their reports the house smelled strongly of cleaning chemicals.

“[The House was] so spotless that the only footprints on the tile floor were from the police officers shoes when he stepped in there," Polanbaum said in court Wednesday.

Andrew has maintained he had nothing to do with Vanessa’s murder since he was taken into custody and his defense attorney, John Hayes, explained in court there is no reason Andrew would attempt to clean the crime scene.

“His DNA and his fingerprints are going to be all over the house so why would he be bleaching the house?” Hayes said. “I think it's a lot more likely that an assailant from outside the home bleached the home than he did it."

Andrew says he arrived at his home at 3:30 p.m. that Saturday to find his wife lying on the floor, with a trash bag over her head. He told police he removed the trash bag and felt for a pulse before he called 911 for help.

According to the report, Vanessa was found dressed in workout clothes, but video records show she never showed up to her Planet Fitness location. Her car keys and phone were also sitting on the kitchen counter.

"[Andrew] has adamantly denied that he committed this crime,” Andrew’s defense attorney said Wednesday.

Hayes says police have the wrong man.

Andrew was ordered held without bail after the hearing.

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