Hundreds gather in Worcester for anti-Trump rally

WORCESTER, Mass. — More than 200 people have rallied in opposition to the election of Donald Trump as president in the Massachusetts city of Worcester.

Opponents gathered Saturday afternoon in front of City Hall, marched through downtown and attempted to walk onto an interstate highway before returning to city hall.

The crowds chanted "black lives matter," ''dump Trump" and other slogans. Many carried signs supporting a variety of causes and messages.

Roberto Pagan showed up wearing his Trump hat. He and a Hillary Clinton supporter agreed to talk to each other rather than get into a heated argument.

"I wanted to protect him and I also want to figure out how he could vote for someone who fermented hate, racism," Judy Powell said of the discussion.

The rally was organized by the Worcester Socialist Alternative. A Facebook page for the event says it was meant to protest Trump's proposed wall along the Mexican border as well as counter messages of racism, sexism, homophobia, and Islamophobia.

A similar anti-Trump rally in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday afternoon drew nearly 400 supporters.