Have you seen Andy Puglisi? A new push for answers 40 years later

LAWRENCE, Mass. — It's been 40 years since Andy Puglisi vanished from a city swimming pool.

Lawrence's Lt. Col. Higgins Memorial Pool is still a place where the city's children cool off for the day. But in 1976 it is the last place anyone saw Andy Puglisi.

Melanie Perkins was there on Aug. 21, 1976 with her friend Andy.

"I remember exactly where we were sitting when we said goodbye, what he looked like," Perkins told FOX25's Bob Ward.

Late in the afternoon, Perkins went home, but Andy stayed and then disappeared.

Melanie has spent much of her adult life looking for her friend. She produced an award-winning documentary for HBO called, "Have You Seen Andy?"

"I'm not giving up on andy," she said.

Her research pointed in the direction of Wayne Chapman, an admitted pedophile, as a person of interest.

Perkins' work has led to new interest and new leads.

In recent years, the woods right next to the pool have been searched and so have other locations in and around Lawrence. But after 40 years, there's never been a single trace of Andy Puglisi that's turned up.

"I have always felt that Andy is going to come home," Perkins said. "And I continue to feel that way. In my heart of hearts I truly believe he will come home at some point."

Melanie perkins is behind a new Mass. State Police push to publicize Andy's case on line and on billboards.

A new tip line is about to open and on Sept. 1, at  Higgins Pool, a Mass. State Police safety day will give people a chance to share tips about Andy's and other missing children's cases.

Forty years later, Melanie Perkins is still determined to find her lost friend.

"Change is in the air. Change is in the air. I feel a difference in Andy's case and I feel it's time," she said.

If you know anything about what happened to Andy Puglisi, you are urged to contact the Mass. State Police, or Lawrence Police.