DCF investigating after 3 toddlers walk away from W. Bridgewater day care

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — A West Bridgewater day care is under investigation after three toddlers wandered off the property and close to a busy road.

Monday morning, just after 11:00, three 2-year-old toddlers opened a gate in an outdoor play area at Cowlicks and Pigtails Childcare Center and wandered off. The toddlers made it to the end of the driveway before an alert worker from next-door spotted them, ran over and grabbed the children.

"Thank God nobody was hurt I mean I could never live with myself I mean literally this is my life this is everything to me," said Erica Kilcoyne.

Erica Kilcoyne has owned the day care for 20 years and says she took immediate action after the incident.

"All the staff members have been terminated on the spot and are no longer with the company," said Kilcoyne.

And that's not all. She says she had brand new locks put on the gates and surveillance cameras installed just hours after the three wandered off.

Kilcoyne says every child showed up to day care Tuesday, with the exception of one. The mother of one of the toddlers who got out pulled her child from the center.

"I don't blame her. This was a hard situation for everybody and we're still here for her," she said.

West Bridgewater Police say they are not investigating, but DCF says they did receive a report and have opened an investigation.