Coast Guard rescues people from sinking boat in Dorchester Bay

BOSTON — The Coast Guard rescued six people from the chilly waters of Boston Harbor Sunday.

It was after 1:30 a.m. when less than a mile from shore, a boat carrying six began to sink. Some of the boaters went into the water without life jackets.

One person on the boat was able to call for help and give their location, which was between Castle Island and Thompson Island in Dorchester Bay, said the Coast Guard.

Petty Officers Mike Caruso, Jeptha Tanksley, Charles Damp and Jon Whalen jumped in a boat, knowing that time was of the essence, as reported on FOX25 News at 6. Severe thunderstorms were rolling towards Boston Harbor and the water temperature was a chilly 73 degrees.

"This boat can do upwards of 40 knots and as much as six foot seas is our operating limits," Petty Officer Jeptha Tanksley with the U.S. Coast Guard told FOX25.

About 15 minutes after the call for help, the Coast Guard officers arrived.

"The boat was flipped over and there were two or three of them were up on top of it. The rest were floating in the water next to it holding on," said Tanksley.

They were cold and frightened in the dark waters, but otherwise okay.

"I think that was the best thing... our efficiency. We were just able to get there, get on scene pull them onboard," said Petty Officer Jon Whalen.

As reported on FOX25 News at 6, people were brought back to shore and checked out by EMS after they were rescued.

What caused their boat to sink is under investigation. The Coast Guard said this is a reminder of how important life jackets can be.