Cannabis cafes may be in Massachusetts' future

Cannabis Control Commission is working all week as they hammer out a policy to implement how recreational marijuana will be sold and used, starting next summer.

The policy isn't just for cafes. It all is finalized, marijuana may be legal at a spa, a yoga studio, or even a movie theater.

"So the idea is that you would have - similar to a bar or cafe - a place that is subject to compliance requirements to go be with your friends," said Commissioner Shaleen Title.

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Title proposed these cannabis cafes because although marijuana is now legal - there are still so many places it cannot be used, including public housing, rentals, and in public outdoor spaces. The commission is looking at licensing specific locations where alcohol isn't served.

Before any of these ideas are finalized, the Cannabis Control Commission says there will be hearings as early as February so people can have their say.

Title says her proposal would require these businesses to operate like establishments where alcohol is served.

"You would be over 21, show your ID and you would enter the establishment and you would be able to purchase a serving of cannabis and consume it on site," said Title.

Walpole Chief John Carmichael is on the Cannabis Advisory Board and is urging the final plan to include restrictions, like how much marijuana someone could consume in one visit.

"The issue of people leaving there that might be impaired and get behind the wheel and might drive," said Carmichael.

The chief also points out there is no system in place to determine if someone is impaired by marijuana behind the wheel, similar to a breathalyzer.

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The CCC is working with an advisory board, which has a law enforcement official on it.