Bridgewater police kill bull that escaped from slaughterhouse

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. – Police in Bridgewater had some tense moments Tuesday as they were searching for a nearly 2,000-pound bull that was on the run.

Terry Den Besten, the owner of the farm and slaughterhouse, said even employees were terrified of the powerful animal.

“It was in a pen, just to stand there, and wait for its time, it just wasn’t going to wait. They didn’t even try to load it, the animal just left,” he said.

The bull had just been dropped off, but around noon it got loose.

“The farmer actually said, good luck, because it was hot when it came off. He was scared of it,” Den Besten said.

Police officers showed up in force using all of the tools available.

“They brought out their drones, with infrared, they located it within minutes,” Den Besten said.

Officers with rifles shot the bull twice, killing it.

This wasn’t the first time Den Besten has been in this situation.

"Just like the one up in Littleton, they get loose, they are on the lamb. Seems like it's been happening to me a-lot," he said.

The biggest fear, Den Besten said, was what the bull running into oncoming traffic on Route 24.

He said he is working with legislators on rules that would allow police to tranquilize animals instead of shooting them.